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Each classroom provided with over AED 150,000 of equipment


Students receive a certificate


3 Hours: Practical Barista Training
3 Hours: Online programme

Student Numbers

3 instructors + 3 machine sets for every 25 students during practical training

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Snacks provided. Carefully designed workshop materials


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About the Course

This programme is an intensive 3-hour practical workshop that blends a further 3-hour online programme.

The students will learn about the different types of coffee, how to create a business plan, a logo, develop marketing material, understand profit and loss, sustainability in the coffee industry and most importantly learning the practical skills required to create an amazing coffee.

This course provides students with the information required to set up and operate a business in the UAE.


Workshop Outline

Practical Classes

Throughout the class students will learn the practical barista skills required to operate a coffee shop including the preparation of coffee, coffee grinding, milk art, cleaning and maintenance of coffee machines.

Coffee in Arabic & Global Culture

We believe it is important for students to learn and develop an understanding of the Arabic coffee culture. However, for a well-rounded training experience we will also cover global coffee trends such as Speciality coffee as well as understanding how coffee chains such as Starbucks operate.

Workshop Outline

Business Modules

Students will learn how the basic business skills required to create a brand, understand the importance of business operations from profits margins to staff training.

Online Course Access

3 Hour online course, 38 high quality videos, 16 quizzes, further reading links. Once successfully completed students will receive their certification.

Sample Training Day

Module 1

Understanding Commercial Equipment:

Delve into the world of commercial coffee equipment, from espresso machines to grinders. Learn how each piece contributes to crafting exceptional beverages, ensuring consistency and quality in every cup.


Discover the art of espresso, the concentrated coffee base for a variety of drinks. Explore extraction techniques, grind size, and tamping to create a perfect shot every time.

Grinder Calibration:

Master the essential skill of grinder calibration. Achieve uniform grind particles for balanced flavors and consistent extraction. Learn step-by-step calibration and its impact on coffee quality, giving you the expertise to enhance every brew.

Module 2

Milk Texturing:

Discover the process of milk texturing, where you’ll learn to steam milk to achieve a velvety consistency. Understand the importance of temperature and microfoam creation to enhance the taste and mouthfeel of your drinks.

How to Pour:

Explore the pouring techniques used by baristas to skillfully combine espresso and textured milk. Learn how pouring at different angles and speeds can create distinct patterns, resulting in beautifully layered beverages.

Latte Art Designs:

Delve into the world of latte art, a creative skill that involves using textured milk to draw designs on the surface of your drinks. From basic patterns to more intricate designs, grasp the principles and techniques to begin crafting your own latte art.

Module 3

Practice how to make all drinks on a typical cafe menu and practical business know how.

Crafting Café Drinks:

Master the art of making a variety of café favorites. Develop hands-on skills to create a diverse menu

Café Business Essentials:

Gain practical business insights to excel in the café industry. Discover customer service techniques to create a welcoming atmosphere and build customer loyalty

Course Learning

  • Exploring coffee equipment’s impact on beverage quality.
  • Mastering espresso extraction, grind size, and tamping.
  • Enhancing coffee through grinder calibration.
  • Achieving smooth milk texture and pouring skills.
  • Creating captivating latte art designs.
  • Developing hands-on skills for quality drinks.
  • Ensuring beverage consistency for trust and loyalty.
  • Understanding successful café operation essentials.
  • Learning customer service for a welcoming environment.
  • Building customer relationships and loyalty.
  • Effective communication and meeting customer needs.
  • Prioritizing hygiene, safety, and regulations.
  • Adapting to trends for sustained café success.



The programme can help students to develop valuable skills such as communication, problem – solving, time management, and multitasking. These skills can be useful in a wide range of professions and can help them succeed both in their personal and professional lives.


Our programme can provide the students with an introduction to the food and beverage industry, including information about coffee and tea, different types of drinks, and customer service.


Completing this course can be a valuable addition to their resume, making them more attractive to potential employers. 


Learning new skills and achieving goals will boost their confidence and self – esteem, helping them to become more resilient and successful in all areas of their life.


Through practical activities, students can gain a taste of what it’s like to run a business. Understanding entrepreneurship can inspire them to start their own small businesses, giving them a head start in identifying opportunities and managing ventures effectively.

Why choose us


Large team of experienced trainers, established in 2011

Globally Certified

Work anywhere in the world with our qualification

Best Equipment

We use state of the art equipment, elevating your home barista experience

Individualized Learning

We tailor our Barista course to meet your specific needs and skill level for a truly enriching coffee journey.

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible scheduling at the Barista Institute for your convenience.

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Positive Reviews

Totally Awesome
“Totally awesome 2 day workshop. My instructor Sanju was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the course. Very pleasant to work with. Being a complete novice to this course he was patient and very encouraging in his efforts to get me to make a perfect latte art 😊
Will definitely recommend 👍🏻”


It was truly an excellent experience
“We had a delightful and informative afternoon at the Barista Institute. The hands-on learning experience was fantastic. We not only gained interesting facts and knowledge about coffee, but also acquired practical skills in measuring, grinding, and operating the espresso machine. Learning how to craft cappuccinos and lattes was an added highlight. The session was complemented by a delicious coffee tasting, featuring various brew methods. Our teacher, Sanju, was exceptionally knowledgeable and exhibited a genuine passion for his work. It was truly an excellent experience for coffee enthusiasts, regardless of their level of expertise. I highly recommend the Barista Institute, and personally look forward to returning for another session. ”


An amazing experience
“I did the Barista Essentials program and it was overall an amazing experience! The trainer was very patience and friendly, always making sure we would understand the coffee making process, how to use the equipment properly and has given us all essential skills required to excel on the barista role! Would highly recommend!”


A pleasure to deal with
“I really had a great experience on this course. The Barista Institute are very professional and were a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Rafaella for all of you help. Sanju the trainer was fantastic and so knowledgable. I really learned alot more than I expected. 100% recommend this course.”


Great time and fun
“Great experience in learning everything about baristas and coffee! My favorite was learning how to make a proper cappuccino which is the way I like my coffee! Great time and fun !”


Happy with the outcome
“I learned a lot from this course. I am happy with the outcome. Now I can make my coffee with the exact ratio and I can finally enjoy my morning every sip of my coffee. also thanks to Mr Sanju our trainer who give us some of his techniques and background about coffee.”


Absolutely loved the hands on coffee making
“We had a wonderful day training at the Barista Institute. The trainer was very knowledgable, the learning material was informative and visual, and we absolutely loved the hands on coffee making best of all! The trainer took his time showing us the proper use of each tool, explaining and naming all parts and demonstrating and then giving us each a turn to try! I also loved the coffee art at the end. I would HIGHLY recommend this for a day date, group of friends, team building for any company, or just anyone that wants to learn and experience Barista Training!”


Amazing and outstanding
“Barista Coffee was on my wishlist and I was literally thinking to experience it outside UAE, but once I heard about The Barista Coffee Institute, I changed my mind and decided to take it with them. I’m not regretting at all, this institute is amazing and outstanding. I would like to give a special thanks to Sanju who trained me and shared with me a valuable information about the coffee and how to prepare it from “Farm to cup” and I don’t forget how good and friendly everyone works in the institute.”


Absolute gem
“The Barista Institute's Barista Training Program is an absolute gem! The instructors were experienced and passionate, creating a supportive learning environment. The Barista Institute's training program is a must for anyone aspiring to be a skilled barista or just people who are interested in learning coffee making.”


Left feeling well-prepared and confident
“Attending the Barista Essentials course in Abu Dhabi was simply amazing! The course covered everything from coffee history to bean selection and roasting. The practical aspect was outstanding, with hands-on training in latte art, cappuccino making, and crafting a variety of beverages. Sanju, our instructor, was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and patient throughout the course. He made sure everyone understood the concepts and techniques thoroughly. Overall, this course is a must for coffee enthusiasts and aspiring baristas. It offers an informative curriculum, practical training, and an exceptional instructor. My wife and I left feeling well-prepared and confident in our barista skills. We highly recommend this course to anyone passionate about coffee and eager to learn from the best!”


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